If you’re an eCommerce business owner, here are 8 resolutions you should have this year to attract traffic and grow your business.

So, here we are…

Black Friday/Cyber Monday is over. The holiday buying season is over. How do you continue the momentum?

It’s time to nature those leads and prime them for more sales throughout the year!

1. Test One New Product Every Day

The Number 1 skill you have to learn in eCommerce is how to research and find hot ideas. 

Testing every day helps sustain your momentum for when your sales from your winning products start to decline.


2. Make Quality Connections

Join Facebook Groups where people who are interested in your niche discuss their topic.

Provide value and make quality connections (as in, friends!). This is crucial if your brand is just starting out and you’re trying to build social proof.

Avoid thinking of your page likes as numbers. Engage with people who comment. Like comments. Make it easy to tell there’s a human behind the Facebook page.

Reach out to several influencers as well. Take time to think about something valuable you can offer to them, and tell them you’d like to send them a free product or help them create a piece of content.

3. Do More Livestreams

If you want to build a strong presence on Facebook, then it’s a good idea to follow Facebook’s trends.

Facebook doesn’t want to see pages posting content that doesn’t encourage real engagement. Facebook Lives are great for showing that you’re a real person, and when someone is interested in buying, they appreciate getting to know the person behind the brand.

Offer value over a Facebook Live such as, “How to Squat Correctly” if you sell fitness products or “10 Gifts for Your Guy This Valentine’s Day”.

If you need help coming up with topics, then try this mind mapping process by Jacqui Pretty: How to Find 20+ Blog Ideas Your Audience Can’t Wait to Read.

As a professional content creator, this blog post is one of the best resources I’ve used for generating a list of topics in one sitting!

4. Keep Stories Updated Daily

Stories are important because they put you at the top of newsfeeds. No ad spend required!

The strategy for marketing through Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat stories is similar to how email marketing works.

Think of your photos like a subject line. Do they look interesting? Are people compelled to open them?

Your stories on these platforms could be a place where your followers can expect — and anticipate — fun, informative, addictive content. And every day, or every other day, you can display your product, your irresistible offer, and your call-to-action!


5. Start Using Messenger Bots

The stats show that people are more likely to notice and open a Facebook private message rather than an email.

Go to this blog post to see how engaging posts and messenger bots are allowing eCommerce businesses to surge in growth: How to Grow Your Facebook Page Without Engagement Bait

5. Create YouTube Videos

YouTube is still a terrific way to attract customers… especially because it’s free! 

If someone is wondering how they can cook the perfect omelet, they may search for it on YouTube and comes across your video… which happens to feature some cooking tools you sell on your online store!

Take the time to study how to create videos that people will find easily when they search for terms. Here’s an in-depth resource by Niel Patel: How to Market Your eCommerce Store Using YouTube

6. Write Blog Posts

Blogs give you content to share to nurture your email list, keep your Facebook ad account healthy, and boost your rankings for keyword searches.

If you’re wondering, “I’m already running an eCommerce business! How can I be creating all of this content?” then watch this video. It shows how you can create 4 pieces of content, including written blog posts, just by going live on Facebook or Instagram!


7. Create More Automated Emails

Most people know about 3 kinds of automated emails: the welcome email for when someone joins your list, the abandoned cart email, and the order confirmation email.

However, you can multiply your sales by creating more automated emails meant for different phases of the buyer’s journey.

To learn more about the kind of automated emails you should be sending, view this blog post from Digital Marketer: The Ultimate Guide to eCommerce Email Marketing.

8. Outsource

A photo of 2 men working on a lapttop

As they say, “Build your team, build your team.”

Once you become good at your process, you can hire a VA to help with customer service.

Eventually, you can hire a team of designers and marketers that help you launch 10 new products a day.

You can hire freelancers from sites like Fiverr and Upwork, and outsource long-term work from sites such as 123Employee and Somebody2Hire.

Which resolution are you going to implement first?

Have you already started doing any of these tactics in the New Year? Let us know in the comments!