As part of our commitment to be a successful business we recognize we must offer world class ecommerce training to help our clients be extremely profitable with their ecommerce business.


Perfect for people who want to set up an online business, create more passive income, without a team, and without the hassle.

Printex Inventory & Fulfillment Account Management

T-REXecom - is automatically linked to Printex, Inc. for print on demand products. Your Printex locker stock account is integrated with T-REXecom.
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TREX NEW ecommerce software platform

Bring your ECOMMERCE STORE into a new highly OPTIMIZED STORE with our NEW ecommerce software platform, contact our support desk here!

E-Commerce Case Study: $0 to $20,000 in 5 Days Using Foolproof Testing Strategies

E-Commerce Case Study: $0 - $20,000/Day in 5 Days Using Fool-Proof Testing Strategies Which products and designs will provide the greatest ROI? Here's our system for finding out. This Facebook testing strategy can work for you... even if you start with a shoestring budget. We Didn't Take the "Traditional" Route Traditionally, you find [...]

By | July 18th, 2017|Ads, Campaign, Conversion, Creative, Design, Motivation, Videos|

Tested Facebook Ad Funnel Campaign by Maxwell Finn

How to avoid wasting money in facebook ad? Making Facebook ad funnel and having an ad running on facebook might just make you losing or wasting money in just few days, and this is very frustrating. To avoid this things goanna happen it requires multiple ad creativity, emphasizing unique value propositions, to highly-targeted audience segments on different devices [...]

By | June 10th, 2017|Ads, Campaign, Conversion|

Benefits and Set up New Mailer in WordPress Using T-REX

Benefits and How to Set up New Mailer in WordPress Using T-REX TREX new mailer uses an html, plain text and template option that gives users a freedom to design when making direct email marketing. A simple email cannot attract customer at a simple glance. The best way to attract customer is to make an eye-catching email with [...]

By | May 31st, 2017|Campaign, Design|

The Next Multi Million E-Commerce Niche

The 3 Reasons Why Canvas Wall Art is The Next Multi-Million-Dollar Niche Not many e-commerce businesses offer customized canvas wall art... but customers are flocking to buy it. In fact, we know of store owners who are already making $1,000s a week and even $50,000 a DAY in this particular niche. Here are three reasons why you should sell canvas wall [...]

By | May 30th, 2017|Campaign, Creative, Design|
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