Looking for ways to increase profits in April? You don’t have to wait until Mother’s Day to have a hit promotion. 

Here are 3 ideas you can start preparing for April 2018:

1. Tax Day – April 15th

Many people look forward to sales on Tax Day (or anything that will brighten their mood).

Promotion Ideas:

  • Offer free shipping for the day or promote a 15% off offer (for April 15th)
  • Have fun with the copy. “We’re giving you a break!”

Content Ideas:

  • Give tips about taxes related to your niche. For example, for a pet niche: “7 Pet-Related Tax Deductions You Might Be Able to Claim”
  • Share jokes related to doing taxes in your emails.

2. Earth Day – April 22nd

Celebrating Earth Day is a great way to build relationships with your audience. This is a time to show you’re more than just a brand. You’re using your platform to share

Promotion Idea:

  • You can do a promotion where a percentage of the proceeds will go to a good cause to help the environment.

Content Ideas:

  • Do a video, blog, or live stream of how the environment is important to you. You can show you and your team helping with cleaning up or planting trees.
  • What’s an environment-friendly tip related to your niche? For example, for a baby niche, you can share “3 Simple Steps to Make Your Diaper Changing Routine Better for the Environment.”

3. National Nurse’s Day – May 6th

Nurses are a different breed of human. I for one, marvel that they devote their life to long hours and difficult tasks all out of a heart to help people. No wonder they have their own National holiday!

This is a fantastic opportunity for print-on-demand ecommerce businesses in particular. You can target a group of people who are passionate about what they do and proud to show it off.

Promotion Idea:

  • Have a National Nurse Day Special. Offer customers nurse shirts and other products for a percentage off.
  • Suggested promo dates for shipping from PrintTech (formerly known as Printex) in Hannibal, MO is April 1st – April 22nd. However, if you’re using another dropshipping company, be sure to inquire about shipping cut-off dates from them.

Content Ideas:

  • Do a video, blog, or live stream thanking nurses for their service. 
  • Tell a story about a nurse. It could be a nice nurse you’ve met or a funny story about nursing you’ve heard.
  • Create a Gift Guide for Mother’s Day for moms who are nurses.

Start adding your sales, new items, freshening up your store starting today.

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Which Promotion Are You Doing?

Are you doing one of these for your store, or all 3? Is there an April promotion idea we should include? Let us know in the comments!