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What’s the BIG secret to making a product go viral on Facebook?

When people go on Facebook, they’re not looking to be sold to, they’re looking to be entertained! 

Whether it’s a hilarious comic, a cute video of a puppy, or a shocking news story… people are looking to spark their emotions and share their emotions with others.

In a world where there’s an enormous amount of social content, if you don’t make someone stop what they are doing and create a response, you are going to lose. — Gary Vaynerchuck

That’s why print-on-demand can work so well on Facebook. You can create designs that spark emotions and feel natural at a time when people are in the mood to view memes.

It’s Not About Your Brand (Yet)

We’re not going to focus on building your brand’s Facebook presence. Today, we’re going to teach you how to build a Facebook page that sells print-on-demand items even if no one has ever heard of your brand name.

Instead of “So and So Gift Shop,” you’re going to create a page based on a topic. For example, “I Love 80s Music”, “God Bless Our Veterans”, or “I Love Huskies.” (It’s okay if your Fan Page title is being used. All that matters is the Fan Page URL.)

First, think about your avatar. You can learn more about creating your avatar in this free checklist: 8 Essential E-Commerce Marketing Strategies for 2018. You’re going to create a Facebook page based on this person (not to be confused with a Facebook profile.)

Watch this video to learn how to create a Facebook Fan Page:

Note: It’s best to choose the “Brand” category instead of “Community.” Facebook can take control of a Fan Page in the “Community” category if the following becomes large.

Find a picture of a person who your target audience can relate with. Make sure they are either looking straight at the viewer or towards the post.

Remember to fill out the “About” and the “Contact us” descriptions. People want to know who you are!

Sound like the person in your profile picture in everything you do.

How to Get Likes

First, invite your friends and family to like your page. If you’d like, you can even send them a message saying:

“Hey [name]! I started a new Facebook Page about _____. Can you please help me by liking the page before I start running ads tomorrow? You can unlike it again next week, I’d just appreciate your help bumping my number so cold viewers aren’t turned off that they’re the first to like the page! [Link]”

After you’ve built about 25 likes, post 5 images related to the topic that will stop people in their tracks. For example, this cute husky puppy.

Don’t include too much text. Run ads that simply say something like: “Love huskies? Like us!”

Keep the targeting fairly broad and just let Facebook find the people interested in your topic!

Posting Content

Often when people are starting a Facebook Page, they’re worried about bugging people by posting too often. People will only see one post at a time on their news feed, so it’s ok to post a lot! This gives you more chances to catch viewers and get shares.

We recommend 5 – 10 posts a day. Create posts that encourage people to tag, share, and comment. Be sure reply to some comments as well to create help build a loyal community!

Watch these videos to learn about finding and scheduling content:

“How to Find Viral Content”


“How to Schedule Posts for Facebook”


Now It’s Your Turn!

Did these tips help you? Do you have any questions about creating and promoting your Facebook Fan Page? Let us know in the comments!