Most eCommerce business owners start here:

Checking their inbox whenever they feel the urge to… going to social media to study the market, then end up scrolling their feeds… texts, Skype, Slack… going to Youtube for a quick tutorial, then being taken down a rabbit hole of unrelated videos…

If this is you, don’t feel bad. These platforms are designed to distract you and train your brain to stay.

Yes, you’re average… but that doesn’t mean you can stay there in order to succeed.

It takes a lot of effort to start an eCommerce business. In fact, making your first $100 – $200/day is the hardest part (since after that, you just scale whatever you’re doing).

Few keep at it… so few succeed. The rest never implemented proper time management.

In this training, Greg Writer and Stephen West share their secrets for managing distractions as well as other crucial tactics every eCommerce  business owner must master.

Watch as Greg and Stephen present:

“Change One Habit, Change Your Life: The Secret to Success”


The Secret to Success!

"Change One Habit, Change Your Life"

Posted by T-REXecom on Saturday, September 23, 2017

In eCommerce, it’s important to have a way of organizing your tasks so you can see what needs to be done every day. You also need to be prepared to smoothly hand off tasks in the event you gain a surge of new business and need to scale quickly.

In this presentation, Greg shares how to use a powerful tool called BizPAD to manage you and your team’s tasks and deadlines. Interested in boosting your productivity with BizPAD? Get your free account here.

What Will You Change in 2018?

What’s one habit you’re ready to kick to the curb this year? What’s the first positive habit you’ll replace it with?

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