The trend for both Facebook and Instagram is becoming less about the scroll and more about the swipe.

How should your eCommerce business react?

What Are Stories?

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You’ve probably noticed stories before. (They’re the little circles at the top of your Newsfeed).

Stories are a great way to communicate with your audience and keep you at the top of New’s Feeds during a time when Facebook wants to bring brand’s content lower than posts from friends and family.

How are Stories Different From News Feed Posts?

This may be odd to grasp if you’re not familiar with Snapchat, but the shift is going from Posts to a more Snapchat-style of sharing updates.

The trend in social media is going towards “document, don’t create.” People are enjoying seeing and sharing little snapshots of their life. There’s no such thing as overposting because it all stays in your story.

Stories disappear after 24 hours so it encourages spontaneous random pictures that you wouldn’t necessarily share on your News Feed and expect people to engage with.

For example, I’m a mom and I have a baby who just took her first steps. While I could share a stream of photos and videos of her trying to walk, that may be overkill to people viewing their News Feed. It would be silly to expect people to like and comment every photo, and when the video of her actually taking her first steps was posted, it may even go unnoticed.

Instead, I would just share the clip of her first steps. That’s news. Hence, it goes in the News Feed for people to react and comment.

However, it would be fun for a story to share quick clips of my baby trying to walk and ending with her first steps! That is a story.

Last night, I posted on Snapchat my progress of being nervous to cook a meal for the first time. My clips throughout the night in a News Feed would have been weird. In a Story, it’s fun!

So, what should you share on your Facebook Fan Page’s Story?

How Your Brand Should Use Facebook Story

Two words: HAVE FUN!

If you aren’t having fun sharing your Stories, then nobody else will.

This is not just a place to show an ad like Hot Topic did here:


This is a place to show personality, tips, jokes, and hey, STORIES! Notice how Hot Topic finishes with an open loop?

Think of it as a reality TV Show. You want your audience clicking your story when they see it on the top of their News Feeds because it’s going to bring value and entertainment. And yes, when you’ve earned their attention, then you can through an offer or demonstrate your product.

This is the direction Facebook is going in. I’ll say it again, it’s becoming less about the scroll, and more about the swipe.

You don’t even have to go overboard with this if you’re busy some days. Just throw one photo up in your story and Facebook will display your story to your fans.

Imagine people saying thinking “hey, [your page] posted another story! I have to check it out.” That’s the reaction you want your fans to have.

Ok… you’re pumped to create stories now. What should you post?

What to Post On Your Brand’s Story

You can start with the kind of content you’re used to posting in your News Feed. Start with valuable and/or entertaining content.

This Crossfit eCommerce store, WODshop, posts workouts and motivation:


They make it fun by posting the normal picture first, then posting the same picture with graphics on top to make it appear it’s popping onto the screen. Then they end with a video that displays their product.

You can share memes or news articles your audience would be interested in. Let’s say you’re in the pet niche. You can post something like:

You can also take original photos from everyday life and make it seem like it’s coming from someone your buyer persona can relate to. For example, this is a photo I shared of my Christmas decoration:

This came from me, a millennial, but it could easily come from a grandmother as well. View your world through the eyes of your customer avatar (like I shared in this blog post: How to Create a Facebook Fan Page That Attracts Customers).

Ready to Be a Storyteller?

Keep your story updated daily! Don’t forget to share it on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Did this help spark your creativity? Let us know in the comments!