Mockup Generation

The mockup generation service allows you to quickly transform a standalone logo or design into a set of mockup images. Receive images with your designs placed either on the side or the upper back band of leggings.

Receive The Following Images Featuring Your Logo Or Design:

Full-size PNG mockup

700 x 700 px product image

700 x 700 px product image for capri leggings

700 x 700 px product image for full-length leggings

700 x 700 px image with white background and border

Facebook Carousel Ad PNG

Facebook Carousel Ad Customizable Photoshop File

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Update Your Store

Receive new mockup images for use on your campaigns, sales pages, and more.

 Promote Your Products

Includes images that are ready to share on social media

Save Time

We’ll take care of the designing and tweaking for you. 

Ongoing Support

 If you have questions, we have answers. We guarantee a quick response. 

Sample Mockups

Original Design

Side Mockups

Back Band Mockups

Image Requirments

In order for us to complete this service for you, you must submit a design that meets the following image requirements:

• Images must be in PNG format with transparency enabled.

• Images should have a height of at least 90px and should not appear blurry or pixelated.

• For best results, select an image that’s width is roughly 3 times its height. Extremely tall or wide images will not display well in the mockup or on actual products.

• The color of your image should be light and bright enough so that it is clearly visible against a black legging.


Mockup Generation

Recieve Six PNG Mockup Images And One PSD File.

 Choose Mockup Images That Show Your Design On The Side of Leggings Or The Back Band of Leggings.