The Only “Built-For-You” Store That’s Designed To Increase Sales And Support Your Church

Serve customers who serve God. Offer faith-based merchandise, including personalized apparel, bible covers, wine glasses, canvas wall art and more, that make popular gifts during the holidays. A fine opportunity for churches and ministries who want to raise money through their own online store. Store setup includes 608 items pre-loaded into the store’s inventory. 

The Perfect Way For Churches to Set Up An Online Gift Shop and Raise More Money

Pre-stocked with 608 products – many items in this store can be personalized with names and/or images.

 Comes ready with 90 campaigns and 68 designs.

A T-REX team member will have your store up and running within 5-7 days.

Additional plugins + technologies that allow you to leverage Facebook for sales.

Even create your own products without worrying about packing or fulfillment!

Unlimited Products

 Add additional items to your store anytime.


No Inventory Needed

The Gifts & Accessories Store Comes stocked with 990 products for YOU to sell. You only pay after a sale is made!

Support + Training

Learn everything you need to know about how to market and sell personalized products online.

Your Brand, Your Store

You own everything. Even the integrated dropship & fulfillment is “white-labeled” with your brand.

WP logo

Built On WordPress

Super easy to customize your website with your design, edit & add products at any time.


Offer your customers the unique ability to create thoughtful, personalized gifts 

Products Instantly Available For Your Church Merch Store

Select from wide range of items to create the perfect store for your church.  Any PrintTech item can be added to your online shop instantly. Or, add your own products!

View A Live Church Merch Store Demo

All T-REX Features Included

Your Church Merch store comes ready with features designed to make you even more sales.  Learn more about our features on our YouTube channel.

Personalization Engine

  T-REX is the only platform that allows customers to type in a personalization element (such as a name or number) and preview it on an item before placing an order. A study by the NPD group found that the average customer is willing to pay a 25% premium for customized products.

eCommerce Funnels

Create one-click upsells and downsells using your T-REX MEGA Store and increase your average order value.

Built-In Exit Pops

Using the built-in exit pop creator, pop-ups can be used on specific campaigns, globally, or only in the cart. Pop-ups and exit intents features included.

Long Form Sales Page Templates

Create long form sales pages quickly and easily with T-REX. Simply add in your own product photos and specifications, and start making more sales. We will also be offering built-for-you sales pages.

T-REX Optin Builder

The T-REX Optin Builder allows you to create custom pages and ads designed to help you build a valuable customer list. Use your list to keep customers updated on your products and promotions so they keep coming back.

T-REX Survey Builder

T-REX has an amazing survey plugin that allows for personalization. Share surveys on social media, and give away promotional items to customers who complete your surveys

Customizable Mailer

The T-REX Mailer helps keep customers and potential customers engaged with your online business in the long-term. Work off HTML email templates and easily customize to target specific sectors of your customer base.

Discount Codes & Coupons

Run sales and promotions by offering coupon codes that save customers money. You choose whether the discount is for dollars off, free shipping, etc.

Inventory Management

Included with your T-REX storefront is your PrinTech Account which can track inventory of your products that PrinTech fulfills for you.

Sales & Testimonials Notification Popup

Product notifier is a pop up similar to Skype pop. The T-REX Notifier shows past sales with an image, sale location and product name at the bottom on your website. Notifiers help increase website conversions.

 Increase Conversions With T-REX

Build your store on the only eCommerce platform designed to make you more sales. Increase conversions with upsell and downsell funnels, a personalization engine, sales & testimonial notifiers, built-in exit pops, and more. 

Membership includes:

  • T-REX WordPress Plugin Software installed for your domain
  • Access to the T-REX WordPress Plugin Software
  • Access to our private Facebook Group
  • Access to Video Training Members Area
  • Access to PrintTech product fulfillment is also included ($47/mo. value)

Not only will you have the powerful software to create your own online eCommerce store, but you will also get step-by-step training and personal advice from our top eCommerce professionals that are here to help you build a super profitable eCommerce store.


Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

“I don’t know what to sell or even how to make sales!”

We handle the WHAT and the HOW. All you need to do is dedicate an hour or two a day to learning and implementing Facebook marketing techniques, and with consistent action, you can earn additional monthly income!

“The market is crowded and I need a unique product to sell!”

Our personalization is not only unique, but the WAY we draw in customers is too! We have unique survey and giveaway plugins that will WOW your customers with a seriously beyond-tempting offer. You can watch our software in action below.

“I am WAY too busy to learn about internet marketing.”

Implementing any new business requires an investment of your time. We recommend you commit to spending 1-2 hours a day following our membership training to see results.

“I’m so unsure around technology.”

You will be provided with all of the tools and training needed to get started. Because this is a web-based business, it is a good fit for people who already have a level of comfort with using the computer and the internet.

“Can I use my own hosting?”

Here at T-REX, we’re committed to a great user experience. So to that end, we require customers to use our hosting support plan so we can help you as quickly as possible if you need assistance.

“What if I want to sell my own designs or products in my store?”

Awesome! Adding your own designs to PrintTech products is easy to do. We can also help you with the packing & fulfillment if you have your own products. And of course, you’re free to add your own custom products that you fulfill at any time.

What Our Satisfied Members Are Saying

Making Sales – WITHOUT Paid Ads

Case Study: $3.4 Million in Sales

Case Study: $4.5k in Sales

A Bright Future

Building Momentum! 

$0 to $20,000 Per Day

Succeed in eCommerce With T-REX

State of the art UX design, simple streamlined software, award-winning support + training, the T-REX personalized eCommerce platform is your home for building an online business. 

No matter what happens with Amazon, Etsy, Facebook, Google, etc, you can rest assured that you own your own land on your own gift store with the T-REX platform.


With your “Built-For-You” Church Merch Store, you can start turning a profit with your online business right away. And through our twice-weekly expert training and private, supportive community, you can continue to develop your digital assets in the best place possible.

Get Started Raising Funds With A Church Merch Store!


+ $97/Month Membership

Save $893 Upfront and $450 a Month

Your Gifts & Accessories Store Includes:

 90 Campaigns (A $225 Value) +

 68 Designs  (A $1,017.96 Value)  +

  608 Products (A $152 Value)  +

 Built-For-You Installation  (A $500 Value)

Total Value = $1,894.96

Your Monthly Membership Includes:

T-REXecom Software – (A $97/mo Value) +

Funnel Builder – (A $47/mo Value) +

Built-In Exit Pops Addon  – (A $27/mo Value) +

Sales & Testimonials Notifier Popup – (A $35/mo Value) +

T-REX Optin Builder – (A $20/mo Value) +

T-REX Testimonials Collection – (A $20/mo Value) +

T-REX Survey – (A $15/mo Value) +

T-REX Notification Banner +

Access to Private Facebook Group (A $99/mo Value) +

Weekly Training Webinars (A $97/mo Value) +

Monthly Specials, New Designs & Image Packs (A $90/mo Value)

Total Value = $547/mo

Special Nonprofit Pricing

If you are a non-profit with 501(c)(3) status, you can get special non-profit pricing:

 $397 Store Setup + $67/month