T-REX Services

Store Refresh Services

Add and display new products

Design Pack Install

This service will assist you in importing Design Pack products (design packs sold separately). Includes importing products, creating their respective campaigns, installing banners, and installing long form sales page.

Seasonal Refresh

This service is designed to get your site ready to sell gifts and merchandise for an upcoming holiday season, such as Father’s Day or Christmas. Includes adding a section to your homepage that showcases your seasonal products, listing seasonal campaigns from your inventory, and installing a banner.

Design Pack Install & Seasonal Refresh Bundle

Save $20 when you purchase our Design Install and Seasonal Refresh services together as a bundle. Quickly set up campaigns and get your site ready to sell gifts and merchandise for an upcoming holiday season.

Where To Find Designs

Designs are NOT included as part of our store refresh services, but you have plenty of great options for finding new merchandise:

  • T-REX members can log into the member’s area and find free designs in the Giveaways section.
  • You can purchase designs from a third party designer.
  • We offer an amazing variety of T-REX Design Packs for sale.

Graphics Services

Create or replace images on your e-Commerce storefront

Slider Replacement Service

This service will replace the banner/slider on the homepage of your T-REX storefront. Banners/sliders can be found in design packs (sold separately), created by yourself, or created by a third-party designer/virtual assistant. 

Mockup Generation

This service allows you to quickly transform a logo or design into a set of mockup images. This service can be used to create mockups that show designs either on the side or the upper back band of leggings.

Techincal Services

Ensure your store is configured correctly, transfer your domain, or transfer to self-hosting

Store Audit

The Store Audit Service ensures your store is configured correctly. Please complete your store configuration, following the Quick Start Checklist prior to ordering an audit, including PayPal, Stripe, Lockerstock, and MailChimp (optional) setup.

You may self-audit your store using this checklist. If you prefer to have a T-REX technician review your setup, you may purchase one of the following services

Domain Transfer

This service will transfer your site to any domain you have purchased. It will also replace any mentions of your old domain on your storefront with correct linkage to your new domain.

Transfer To Self-Hosting

This service will transfer your domain to self-hosting. If you would like to move your site to self-hosting yourself, check out our support article How To Move a T-REX Store From T-REX Hosting to Your Own Hosting (AKA Self-Hosted)”