T-REX Services

New Service: Mockup Generation

This service allows you to quickly transform a logo or design into a set of mockup images. This service can be used to create mockups that show designs either on the side or the upper back band of leggings. With one purchase of the service, you will receive the following images featuring the logo or design of your choice:

  • Full-size PNG mockup
  • 700 x 700 px product image
  • 700 x 700 px product image for capri leggings
  • 700 x 700 px product image for full-length leggings
  • 700 x 700 px image with white background and border
  • Facebook Carousel Ad PNG
  • Facebook Carousel Ad Customizable Photoshop File

Click here to view a sample of mockups included with this service.

In order for us to complete this service for you, you must submit a design that meets the following image requirements:

  • Images must be in PNG format with transparency enabled.
  • Images should have a height of at least 90px and look crisp. It is recommended to save images at 72 DPI.
  • For best results, select an image that’s width is roughly 3 times its height. Extremely long or wide images will not display well in the mockup or on actual products.
  • The color of your image should be light and bright enough so that it is clearly visible against a black legging.

New Service: Seasonal Website Refresh

Current Seasonal Refresh Package: 4th of July (Accepting Requests Through June 20)

This service is designed to get your site ready to sell gifts and merchandise for an upcoming holiday season, such as Father’s Day or Halloween. The following store updates are included:

  • Add up to 10 new campaigns with items for the holiday season (*The number of campaigns depends on what is available in the store. No new campaigns will be created.)
  • Add a section on your homepage that showcases your new products
  • Add a banner to your homepage (you provide/purchase graphics or receive a freebie from T-REX for some holidays)

Store Audit

The Store Audit Service ensures your store is configured correctly. Please complete your store configuration, following the Quick Start Checklist prior to ordering an audit, including PayPal, Stripe, Lockerstock, and MailChimp (optional) setup.

You may self-audit your store using this checklist. If you prefer to have a T-REX technician review your setup, you may purchase one of the following services.

Design Pack Installation

This service will assist you in importing Design Pack products (design packs sold separately). This service includes importing products, creating their respective campaigns, installing banners (where applicable), and installing long form sales page (where applicable).

Slider Replacement

This service will replace the banner/slider on the homepage of your T-REX storefront. Banners/sliders can be found in design packs (sold separately) or created by yourself/VAs.

Domain Transfer

This service will transfer your site to any domain you have purchased. It will also replace any mentions of your old domain on your storefront with correct linkage to your new domain.